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Wrinkle reduction treatment

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After years of smiling or frowning, the muscles in our face can become elongated and enlarged, leading to wrinkling of the skin that rests on them. We can soften these lines and wrinkles caused by hyperactivity sympathetically, using a very accurate treatment.

Wrinkle reduction treatment are used in the upper muscle of the face to relax the muscles and to prevent or ease the lines caused by the repetitive unconscious contraction of these muscles.

Wrinkle reduction treatment involves:

An initial consultation about your areas of concern, resulting in a treatment plan that’s designed especially for you and your muscles

  The treatment begins with an anaesthetic cream, to make the procedure almost painless – the sensation being likened to having your eyebrows plucked

  A series of small injections are places in specific areas, such as frown lines and crow’s feet

  Treatment takes three to seven days to be effective and will last around four to six months

  Each time you have a procedure, the effect is likely to last longer

We provide a free consultation to those interested in wrinkle reduction treatments. 

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